Channel Management Excellence:

Skills Growth


Drive improved performance and efficiency by identifying skill gaps and providing targeted skills training.

Improving performance is about more than a 2-day training class!


Improving performance requires that you clearly identify skill gaps and then provide a curriculum that doesn’t just change a behavior or two, but rather changes the culture of how your thru-channel resources work with partners.

Improving thru-channel performance is about skill assessments, a career-based curriculum, and targeted skills training.

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EXECUTION SKILL ASSESSMENT AND GAP ANALYSIS The Role Framework provides an ideal foundation to conduct an assessment and/or gap analysis on those currently in role.

Non-HR based, this kind of assessment – typically completed by those in-role and their direct managers – provides a rich context under which manager performance coaching, on-the-job training, and personal skill development can occur.
MULTI-YEAR CURRICULUM DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT The Role Framework also provides the necessary structure to identify appropriate readiness solutions for the role.

Leveraging both existing and need-to-be-created content, a complete set of recommendations are made to achieve channel management excellence through behavioral skill improvements.

Combined with a Skill Gap Assessment, the organization can then prioritize which enablement efforts should take priority.
BEHAVIORAL SKILLS TRAINING Learn More The most effective Channel Managers are part sales manager, part executive business consultant, part project manager, and part franchise owner. Traditional career progressions rarely develop the kind of broad skill competency required to be a successful Channel Manager; as a result, diligent enablement and skill building is a critical success factor to any Channel organization. The EQ Selling TM Thru Channels program develops and fine-tunes the business skills necessary to excel in a Channel Management role. Rather than modifying traditional sales training for Channel Managers, our program is built specifically to drive Channel Management Excellence. Focused on the three key pillars of Channel Management Excellence, the program develops, refines and/or validates a Channel Manager’s revenue management skills, partner account development skills, and portfolio business management skills.