Role Clarity Projects 

Drive role clarity through language, management inspection and day-to-day activity support.

Role clarity is easy to talk about and difficult to achieve!

Unfortunately in today’s evolving sales (direct and channel) environment, depending on HR to drive role clarity is a misplaced expectation. Those in-role, those managing the role, and those supporting the role need to understand – in simple, activity-based, result-oriented language what the company expects of them from an accountability perspective.

Role clarity is about language; it’s about line management inspection; and it’s about day-to-day activity support.

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ROLE FRAMEWORK Driving role clarity starts with an easy-to-understand description of execution expectations. The Role Framework is an organized, structured, activity-based representation of each role (e.g. Account Executive, Channel Manager, Sales Manager, Territory Sales Rep, Partner Development Manager, etc.).

Presented in field-based language, “The Wheel” (so named because of its circular format) describes in simple, easy-to-understand terms what the organization holds an individual in each role accountable for doing in terms of role pillars, areas of focus, and role functions.

The value of the Role Framework is not just in understanding the role better, but in being able to organize and structure the approach to role execution better.
EXAMPLE ACTIVITIES AND VISIBLE INDICATORS OF EXCELLENCE READ MORE The role framework provides those in-role an easy-to-understand set of suggested or example activities upon which to plan their execution (daily, weekly, quarterly, yearly, and long-term), allocate their time, and evaluate their effectiveness. While the Wheel does not provide a step-by-step process guide for the role, it does provide a clear sense of role boundaries, role responsibilities, and general role accountabilities.

Achieving excellence in any role requires focus on more than a few things. In fact, most direct, thru-channel, and leadership roles have hundreds of points of execution excellence. The Role Framework defines those visible indicators of execution excellence that represent visible results when the function is performed with excellence. These indicators provide the basis upon which individuals can self-assess, and managers can observation-assess the effectiveness of each role.
MANAGER COACHING GUIDANCE READ MORE The Role Framework provides the structure required to help managers coach those in role to higher performance. Using the Wheel as a framework, coaching guides are constructed to help managers and executives discuss, evaluate, and strategize on ways to drive those in role to “do the right things”, allocate their time in “the right way”, and achieve superior results.

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