The Rudow Group Services

Helping technology companies maximize their direct and channel sales performance.


Driving performance improvements in any team requires a focus on proven, adoptable skills and techniques.

Our behavioral skills training content is based on our collective experiences over 30+ years of direct sales, channel management and sales leadership. The skills and techniques we cover will support virtually any sales methodology and help your sales resources find the most effective ways to drive increased performance. From increased win rates to deeper partner engagements to shorter sales cycles to higher partner investments, our content will challenge even the most experienced sales resource to achiever their personal “next level” of performance. Our facilitators are all tenured sales executives in the high-tech industry who’ve “been there” and “done that” before.

Review our standard behavioral skills training content below based on your selling role and situation.


Achieving sales excellence requires a multi-pronged approach that includes both skills training and consulting.

Our consulting services will help simplify your business operations, accelerate your operational efficiency, and launch your sales people towards achieving sales excellence. Our consultants are all tenured sales executives in the high-tech industry who’ve “been there” and “done that” before.

Take a look at the kinds of consulting projects in which we typically engage to help chart your path to sales, channel management and leadership excellence.


As industry thought-leaders, we can amplify your messaging and accelerate your path to excellence.

Our keynote and breakout speeches are designed to motivate, engage, and challenge the audience into new ways of thinking and a willingness to get outside their comfort zone.

We offer both Keynote and Breakout sessions topics in the areas of Business Leadership, Sales & Sales Leadership, and Channel Management. Let us help you “amp up” your internal, customer or partner event!