Drive improved performance and efficiency.

Achieving sales excellence requires a multi-pronged approach that includes both skills training and consulting.

Our consulting services will help simplify your business operations, accelerate your operational efficiency, and launch your sales people towards achieving sales excellence. Our consultants are all tenured sales executives in the high-tech industry who’ve “been there” and “done that” before.

Take a look at the kinds of consulting projects in which we typically engage to help chart your path to sales, channel management and leadership excellence.



Skill Gap Analysis

Curriculum Design

Custom Training


Blank Role Clarity Are your resources clear on their role functions and accountabilities? Is their consistency in role understanding both deep and wide in the organization? Too often, valuable time and money are wasted on process and training projects that map to a disconnected, inaccurate or ineffective perception of role accountabilities. In our experience, this is almost always the place to start for a successful path towards execution excellence. Process Do your operational processes, tools and organization structure support both the organizational goals and the functional realities of your various role accountabilities? Too often an organization’s operational processes, tools and organization structure are designed and implemented by resources who haven’t ever executed or managed the role in question. The end result is a set of processes that are only loosely followed, a set of tools that are rarely used, and an organization structure that breeds inefficiency. Execution excellence requires an honest and holistic review of the organization’s processes, tools and organization structure. Skill Gap Analysis Is your approach to finding and deploying enablement solutions based on the “what’s not working today” syndrome of your leadership team? Too often an organization’s enablement plan is based on anecdotal stories and reactionary outbursts, rather than on empirical data and analysis. The results is often an enablement plan that only works for a very small subset of the target audience. Execution excellence requires a non-emotional, broad-based, data-based approach to skill gap analysis and resulting recommendations. Curriculum Design Has your traditional approach to role-based training been to offer a single course and then wait until next year to consider what comes next? Too often an organization’s role-based enablement is a hodge-podge of solutions that have been banded together over multiple years and various executive agendas. The results is not really a curriculum, but a grab-bag of enablement solutions. Execution excellence requires a holistic curriculum design based on the role definition and then prioritized based on a skill gap analysis. Custom Training Development Do your training needs include something that we don’t offer “out of the box”? Are you looking to integrate some of your operational processes into the standard skills training you deploy? Our experienced learning and enablement staff can help you define, design, and then develop a custom training solution that will meet whatever needs you have. Facilitation Do you have everything you need for operational excellence, but just need someone to help facilitate a deal coaching session, a partnership business planning session, or a team planning meeting? Do you need the experience of an “outsider” to help make the right decisions and keep the discussion moving in the right direction? Our experienced facilitators can help run your challenging meeting, coach your more complex deals, or plan with your most difficult partners.

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