EQ SellingTM Thru Channels

Improve and fine tune Thru Channel resource execution skills.

Skills Training Designed Specifically for Channel Management

What you call the role – Channel Manager, Partner Account Manager, Partner Business Development Manager, etc. – doesn’t change the fact that Thru Channel resources are a unique breed that require unique skills training. Although they are often treated and compensated like individual contributors, they operate more like first or second-line sales managers, with the partner sales teams as their “direct reports”. Only their role is much more challenging than a sales manager since their “direct reports” don’t actually work for them!

This unique role requires skills training that is designed specifically for the unique challenges they face. EQ SellingTM Thru Channels is a curriculum that builds the necessary business skills to make Thru Channel resources more effective at managing partner revenue streams, developing mind-share and wallet share in partner accounts, and optimizing the performance of a diverse portfolio of partners.

Revenue Management Skills

Partner Account Development Skills

Portfolio Business Management Skills

The above assets can be combined or assembled in virtually any way to meet your specific skill enablement needs.  For additional details, download the two-page summary of the EQ SellingTM Thru Channels curriculum here.

Your custom EQ SellingTM Thru Channels curriculum will have significant business impact on your channel business when you deploy it to your teams using our revolutionary High-Impact, Manager-Focused enablement approach.  This approach will change the way you think about skills training and the kind of investment return you expect from every future enablement effort!