EQ SellingTM Leadership

Improve and fine tune sales leadership execution skills.

Driving Improved Performance through Coaching

A large portion of a Sales Leader’s role is coaching their team members on more effectively selling (either direct or thru a channel) and more effectively engaging with their accounts (customer or partner).  These management coaching skills are included in the EQ SellingTM  Through Channels and EQ SellingTM  for Enterprise curriculums.

However, Sales Leaders also need enablement in their roles as leaders.  They need to be experts at driving performance around pipeline, forecasting and opportunity reviews – both in direct and thru-channel operations; they need to be experts at conducting effective account and portfolio reviews; and they need to build their teams through exponential coaching.

Sales Leadership Skills

The above assets can be combined or assembled in virtually any way to meet your specific skill enablement needs.

Your custom EQ SellingTM Leadership curriculum will have significant business impact on your revenue when you deploy it to your teams using our revolutionary High-Impact, Manager-Focused enablement approach. This approach will change the way you think about skills training and the kind of investment return you expect from every future enablement effort!