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The Rudow Group is here to help you grow sales exponentially by making the complex simple.

EQ Selling™ is a collection of techniques and methods to help sellers identify and understand the decision-related emotions of buyers, partners and influencers; use that awareness to build trust-based relationships, navigate complex political environments, and create highly compelling value propositions; while at the same time understand and manage their own disruptive emotional responses.

There is a better way!

You can achieve exploding sales growth without hiring an entirely new sales force!  You can grow sales leaders from within!  You can develop a dynamic, exponentially-growing indirect channel without giving away your profits!  And it can be simple.



More than 20 years in successful sales and sales management left us wondering why most organizations struggle to achieve sustained, let alone exponential, sales growth.

In direct sales, the same 2% of reps remain the best performers, the same 10% are consistently the worst, and everyone in between vacillates in mediocrity; in the indirect channel companies seem to choose between “necessary-evil” or “direct-channel pipeline builder” as their strategy.

Re-organizations, new strategies, new methodologies and processes, and endless new skills training events seem to have little to no impact.


Today’s sales organizations have lost touch with the fundamentals of selling.

“Experienced” sales professionals are coming to their jobs unable to research accounts and conduct effective discovery, incapable of navigating a political landscape and proactively building strategic relationships, unwilling to ask the hard questions and challenge their prospect’s assumptions or approach, and utterly lost in terms of building and communicating perceived value for their customers.

And yet, these same professionals are convinced they are “experts” in all things selling. 

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a different perspective

EQ Selling™ offers a different perspective, a better way to increase performance and achieve exponential growth in sales organizations.

Our services and solutions are based on proven techniques and methods culled from years of experience “in the trenches”, and then delivered according to how today’s organizations function and today’s workers learn.

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Achieving exponential sales growth is a journey.

Our solutions provide the sales skills that work in today’s complex, highly competitive sale campaigns, and are delivered in ways that drive lasting business impact. These efforts are not just about “sharpening some sales skills”, they are about changing the culture of how your organization approaches sales campaigns – imbedding the right disciplines and habits not just in the sales people, but in the management team and executives.

If you’re interested in discovering how your organization can achieve exponential growth, explore our solutions below. And when you’re ready, contact us to start your journey!

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