Sales Excellence

Drive and grow direct sales revenue.

Customers are smarter, more risk averse, and their buying process is more complicated than ever. Simultaneously, many sales organizations have “drifted” away from the selling fundamentals with ever more complex sales techniques, processes, and data analytics.

This drift from selling fundamentals has left sales people unable (or unwilling) to develop and articulate the simplest of value propositions for their customers because they have stopped asking the simple question: What problem are we solving for the customer and how does that translate to business value for them?

Our Sales Excellence (SE) solution corrects the selling fundamentals drift by helping you properly define your Direct Sales roles, develop or refine the required operational execution processes and metrics, and raise the behavioral skill sets of your Direct Sales team.

Are your Direct Sales account managers, sales reps, and sales support reps clear on their role functions and accountabilities? Is their understanding consistent with their immediate superior’s understanding and the executive team’s understanding? Too often, valuable time and money are wasted on process and training projects that map to a disconnected, inaccurate or ineffective perception of role accountabilities. In our experience, this is almost always the place to start for a successful path towards sales excellence. Do your operational processes, tools and organization structure support both the organizational goals and the functional realities of your Direct Sales role accountabilities? Too often sales organization’s operational processes, tools and organization structure are designed and implemented by resources who haven’t ever “carried a bag” and don’t have a full appreciation for the nuances and complexities of complex account and opportunity management. The end result is a set of processes that are only loosely followed, a set of tools that are rarely used, and an organization structure that breeds inefficiency. Sales excellence requires an honest and holistic review of the direct sales organization’s processes, tools and organization structure. Are your account managers and sales reps growing their respective businesses year over year? Are they increasing market share in their territories and increasing your solution footprint in their accounts, while at the same time growing customer renewals and loyalty? Are your pre-sales and technical resources helping uncover what really matters to the customer, building compelling value propositions and conveying your solution’s business value, while at the same time helping the Sales resources understand and navigate the political and competitive landscape of the customer? Sales excellence means shifting your Sales resource skills from one-and-done opportunity management to business-minded franchise owners, and from “demo-dollys” to business value architects who operate as competitive weapons. Are your sales resources starving for some professional deal coaching? Do they need a critical, but third-party perspective on how to advance their more challenging and competitive opportunities? Achieving sales excellence is a journey which often needs to include some tactical, third-party assistance to keep the deals moving forward and the sales resources motivated. Is your team suffering from sales operations fatigue? Do they need a boost in morale, a vision of success to strive for, or some encouragement from someone who knows just how tough competitive direct selling can be? Every sales excellence journey requires some level of outside team motivation to keep everyone excited and heading in the right direction.

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